Kawasaki Z125 143cc-155cc Big Bore Package

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About Kawasaki Z125 143cc-155cc Big Bore Package
This is the end game for reliable performance on the Kawasaki Z125 Pro, combining TB's 143cc Big Bore cylinder with a high flow head, valves, cam, springs, intake manifold, lightened primary gear (-1lb 15oz), and add the stroker crank (takes kit to 155cc). Primary and crankshaft are optional. Includes all gaskets and hardware. Prepare to offend your Grom riding friends...    

6 reviews for Kawasaki Z125 143cc-155cc Big Bore Package

  • Glen Reed (verified owner)

    I only did the 143cc Kit with V2 Head and primary gear. Straightforward installation , basic mechanical skills and a manual will see it installed in about 3 hours. Get the Bazzaz with MNNTHBX 144 map installed and it will run perfect (ith Yoshi and MTAKE) I weigh 250Lbs and it will hit the rev limiter going uphill

  • Justin Markwalter (verified owner)

    This is the power that we all wish we had when we first picked up our bike. It’s nothing out of this world crazy but enough to keep the butthole puckered. I have beat the crap out of mine, from track use and deals gap WIIIIDE OPEN all day long. Zero problems and 100% satisfied with my 143cc kit! Thanks boys!

  • Phil Harlum (verified owner)

    I fitted the 143 kit with V2 head in conjunction with the Mtake and Bazzaz, increase in performance was fantastic with , most importantly for me, a massive increase in hill climbing ability. my Z125 that was already fitted with a Pro Circuit pipe will now pull redline in 4th on a flat road with my 110kg on board easily.

  • Matthew Purcell (verified owner)

    Purchased the 155c kit along with the mtake , bazazz tuner and Yoshi exhaust and I am absolutely blown away on the performance of my z125 pro now . This is the go to kit for peak reliable performance . You can’t go wrong buying from mnnthbx , they have the knowledge and experience with these kits and they will send you a custom map for your kit for free and are extremely responsive if you have any questions .

  • Robert McDonald (verified owner)

    Got the 143cc kit. It is exactly the power that I was looking for out of the bike. Gets to 60mph and goes uphill with ease. Should’ve done this day 1!

  • Mason G

    Composimo makes the necessary flange you’ll want to get prior to installation that will allow use of the stock heat sensor with the aftermarket intake manifold for this application. It’s highly recommended you pick one up for 35 bucks. Besides that, this kit was very simple to put on, though it took me almost nine hours.

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