MNNTHBX Mtake Intake kit for Kawasaki Z125 PRO.

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About MNNTHBX Mtake Intake kit for Kawasaki Z125 PRO.
Bolt on substantial power gains with our proprietary Kawasaki Z125 intake. No corners cut. Tuned length, tapered runner, lightweight, high end filter, stainless hardware, all of it made in the USA. Optional accessory kit includes the Outerwares pre filter and UNI crankcase breather filter.   Check out what MOTORCYCLIST had to say about this piece!
Z125 Mtake (Intake) install on a Z125 Pro

8 reviews for MNNTHBX Mtake Intake kit for Kawasaki Z125 PRO.

  • Mike Stone (verified owner)

    A necessity for instant performance upgrades on the Z125 and super easy installation. I have had this product on two separate bikes paired with the Bazzaz Z-FI and Yoshimura RS-2 Exhaust.

  • Justin (verified owner)

    Great intake for the money!! Super easy install, and looks great, especially when paired with the CF support rod.

  • Justin Markwalter (verified owner)

    Fits great, works great, keeps the air cool like it should and very durable.

  • Phil Harlum (verified owner)

    Easy to fit and when used in conjunction with the Bazzaz and 143 kit adds substantial performance, and the intake noise it makes is out of this world.

  • Louis Journett III (verified owner)

    Quality is top notch. Definitely woke up my machine in throttle response. You can hear it breathing so much better than the stock air box. So happy and pleased cannot wait to make further improvement and purchases.

  • Matthew Purcell (verified owner)

    Ridiculously fast shipping and easy to install . mnnthbx also has videos to help with the install which is nice if you have a snag during the install

  • John Wiseman (verified owner)

    Added the full intake kit with a Graves exhaust and a PC w/auto tuning. This is what I’m talking about! Really wakes up the bike. Love the carbon fiber shroud stabilizer too. Not only does it work, but it matches the many CF pieces I have on the Z. And of course it was delivered to my house very quickly, as usual.

  • Bruce Slater (verified owner)

    Hello I recently bought a K&N short air intake few days after having it on the bike was harder to start in the morning it had no power…. did some research and heard a lot of good things about this intake so I bought one and let me say wow what a night and date difference with throttle response… just buy hitting the throttle it will wheelie itself but the crazy throttle response and performance and the other cold air intake through my check engine light on after a hundred and thirty miles of driving. Check engine lights shut off with this cold air intake on it very impressed with it thank you very much..

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