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MNNTHBX Mtake (Intake)for Honda Grom 2014-2021

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About MNNTHBX Mtake (Intake)for Honda Grom 2014-2021
The MNNTBX Honda Grom Intake (Mtake) offers a huge boost in torque over throttle body mounted filters. Big power in a clean and easy to install design. Air temp sensor mount incorporated into the powdercoated bracket. Our proprietary spec silicone hose and filter are made in the USA. Includes stainless mounting hardware. Intake designed for the 2014-2021 US models.
  • The purchaser of any motorcycle part or parts releases MNNTHBX LLC from all liabilities pertaining to use of those products. The purchaser acknowledges that any modification of a Motorcycle Intake or exhaust system may render the motorcycle illegal for use on public roads and may violate state or Federal EPA statutes.

17 reviews for MNNTHBX Mtake (Intake)for Honda Grom 2014-2021

  • Cale (verified owner)

    Fits great looks great works great. I love it. Get the whole kit and make life easier

  • Taylor Meilleur (verified owner)

    Tight fit, awesome look and great sound! Couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I ordered the pre filter, shroud brace and the case breather filter as well and recommend it to all. I ride in all conditions including mud and the pre filter does exactly what I wanted it to.

  • Matt M (verified owner)

    Easy to install once you get most of the fairings off. I’d recommend to anybody buying this intake to buy the whole kit. You need the other filter and if you’re planning on doing some even some minor off-roading, buy the pre filter!

  • Ben Kelly (verified owner)

    There is no provision on the mtake for the air temp sensor. What are we supposed to do with that?

    • kevin estep

      Apparently we’ve failed you in communication…. Accommodation for the sensor is designed into the bracket itself, and hardware is provided, allowing totally unobstructed flows into the engine. Perfect form and function. If you have any questions at all, shoot us an email and we’ll walk you through that simple process.

  • benjamin.kelly (verified owner)

    Easy to install. Fits well. Should give the little engine all the air it wants!

  • Kendale Recker (verified owner)

    Looks nice. Fitment was great. Just make sure the sensor bracket is on the right way around and it will line up. Mine came backwards but it pops right off and is easy to flip around. Get the accessory kit with it. The pre filter and brace are worth it.

  • Luke Markham (verified owner)

    This is a real difference maker. I had cam, exhaust, and tune installed and my bike ran on. The factory airbox is so restrictive. Once I installed this intake all my mods worked together gaining me 10mph! Easy install and quality of design and parts is second to none. Get ready to hear that 125cc grunt!

  • Devon

    Definitely makes a difference. Every mph you can eke out of the Grom is worth every penny spent. Great product.

  • Faiz Akhtar (Goon Rides) (verified owner)

    I got the full kit! Love it! Works well on my grom, not to mention the power gains!

  • Don McNally (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Easy to install. Highly recommend!!

  • Andrew

    Simple yet effective. Reasonably priced. Proper intermediate length for all around performance. Easy to install. Good value, very happy with it. Make sure to get the brace and the prefilter is a good idea too.

  • Cordell Snyder (verified owner)

    Works great you will definitely hear some more intake noice but the torque and power gained aswel the room gained from removing the factory air box allowed me to put a small air horn kit on my bike since factory horn was to quite for driver’s to hear

  • Alrx (verified owner)

    Quality product. Great fit. Awesome throttle response and intake sound!

  • tu.tran (verified owner)

    Great intake for your Grom!

  • robert.ancira (verified owner)

    My expectations on the air intake is beyond what I could of imagined. Worth it! To those who cannot decide. Believe me it will be worth it. Sounds and looks great.

  • Mike (verified owner)

    Install was a little more difficult than I expected. Still easy, but instructions would’ve made life easier. Had to remove a cable bracket and wasn’t sure if tubing was directional or not. Nothing on YouTube, but if you’re mechanically inclined, you’ll get it. Sounds great, performs great, definitively worth it. Get the pre-filter outerwear and the case breather filter if you can afford it!

  • Jon b (verified owner)

    Everything I needed

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