Honda NAVI 110 DCR R1 Performance Camshaft

About Honda NAVI 110 DCR R1 Performance Camshaft
DCR R1 Performance Camshaft for Honda NAVI 110cc Boasting a MASSIVE +1.5hp or +25% increase over stock hp The most impressive drop-in performance option available for the Honda Navi


DCR R1 NAVI spec | .173" lobe lift - Larger Lobe Lift - More Duration - Drop-in design - USA Made * Decompression eliminated but can be utilized if desired. * Duration 228 vs stock cam 208 degree. * stock springs compatible to 10500 rpm. * valve setting . 008" intake and exhaust. +1.5hp or +25% increase over stock performance Engineered for compatibility with stock valvetrain, while maintaining reliability (Pairs well with aftermarket jetting, exhaust pipes and intake systems)


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