Honda Navi LED Headlight & Taillight Kit

About Honda Navi LED Headlight & Taillight Kit
Convert your Navi to LED 12v DC with this super simple kit. You will not only convert your headlight to DC, but also your taillight, and brake light. This is REQUIRED to run a LED system. Also, this kit now includes COLOR instructions, on how to wire this in. Requires basic hand tools, no wire stripping/splicing! The headlight is 3X brighter than stock, and has a built in fan, hi/lo beam also. This is a HUGE upgrade. Includes Wire lead, with heat shrinked 3m spade connector Clamp on wire tap Rear LED bulb Instructions

2 reviews for Honda Navi LED Headlight & Taillight Kit

  • Harry

    HUGE difference in brightness and visibility compared w the OEM. Followed the instruction of Kaylee Hobbs on YT and was no trouble to install. Big thanks to MNNTHBX!

  • Erik Gill (verified owner)

    I bought this kit and it arrived without instructions. Upon install, the bulbs worked until my first ride. I’m not sure if bulbs are blown or just the fuse. However, I am disappointed about not receiving the instructions. Especially for the price I paid.

    • Kevin Estep

      Sounds like you missed the instructions. The side of the box has a QR code, and states “scan for full color instructions”.

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