Honda Monkey 125 Black Luggage Rack

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About Honda Monkey 125 Black Luggage Rack
This black high quality Monkey 125 Luggage Rack is a very practical optional item to have for trips to the store or carrying extra items on a long ride. Don't forget to add a cargo net from the drop down tab for only $9.95
Honda Monkey 125 Luggage Rack

21 reviews for Honda Monkey 125 Black Luggage Rack

  • NW. (verified owner)

    Very high quality rack, solid with excellent paint/finish. Fits perfectly.

  • Mark Schroeder (verified owner)

    I’m not sure I’ve ever written two reviews for the company ever. I wrote on for the rear shocks and now am writing one for this super little rack. I just installed it. Super easy, took me maybe an hour but I wasn’t in any rush. Fit perfectly and extremely solid. From the ordering process, timely shipping, and ease of install, very high quality all around. I mounted an easy on-off 30 liter box and due to the high quality construction it was also easy install. Looks great and very handy.

  • Darrin (verified owner)

    The black rack is exactly what I expected, had to bend the prongs a little where it attaches to shock bolts but it’s soft metal so slipping an adjustable wrench to bend did the trick. Love the rack, the cargo net is 13”x13” and is to large for rack so I cut it down. Would not recommend the net for $10 plus shipping is another $10. Just get some bungee cords.

  • Fred Franke (verified owner)

    Beautiful luggage rack. The fit on my bike was a bit tight, but I got it to work and totally love it.

  • Matt Claxton (verified owner)

    Just took a 350 mile round trip and had the rack loaded down. Zero issues and deflection. The tabs on the bottom are great for Rok straps and bungees! Worth the wait and the $$.

  • Brian (verified owner)

    Got the rack & net well built big enough to strap on work uniforms does what I needed it for

  • Chip Kelly (verified owner)

    This item was back ordered but delivered as expected. Quality of product is high. I would definitely recommend MNNTHBX ! I am very satisfied with the product & customer service~!

  • dave (verified owner)

    I searched for a decent sized rack for my monkey for quite a while before ordering this one. I’m glad I waited. It’s perfect. Easy install. Decent square footage. Best of all – it is really ascetically pleasing. It gives the bike more length and a bit of a more rugged, utilitarian look. I added an easy on/off Givi box for when I’m running errands. No complaints.

  • Jim D (verified owner)

    This looked to be the largest rack I could find online. Install was very easy, it’s rock solid and looks great. If I could do it again, I think I would’ve ordered chrome. The black looks great, but I predict scratches in the near future. I plan on mounting a basket on it.

  • Cameron (verified owner)

    Ordered this rack on back order. Its been almost 2 months and never received it.

    • kevin estep

      It’s because as you stated, it was a pre-order. We’ve received two small batches, and fulfill the oldest orders first. Your’s will ship the day it arrives, or you’re always welcome to a refund at any point…

  • Rick V. (verified owner)

    The rack blends well with the design of the Honda Monkey. If MNNTHBX designed an add on
    low profile Sissy Bar, it would be an instant winner. I would be first in line to get one. I Called customer service, prior to purchase. They are extremely pleasant!

  • mid10josh

    The absolute best rack for the Monkey. Clean welds and paint, very sturdy, and looks amazing.

  • sam amplo (verified owner)

    an excellant add on for carrying just about anything thats not to big.

  • Alex (verified owner)

    Not sure I got the same rack as everyone else, since they all seem to be raving about how amazing it is. I’d describe it as ‘adequate’. It arrived super-quick considering it came from the US, so no complaints where service is concerned. It’s a great size, plenty big enough for a 30-40l box or bag. I was told by email it could support upwards of 8kg, but the sticker on it says 5kg, which was disappointing. It flexes quite a bit, so I’m not sure it’d cope with much more than 5kg. The paint/coating isn’t very resilient either. It scuffed off on one of the bars after the first time out with a basic Kreiga bag strapped to it. I’ll be surprised if it makes it through autumn here in the UK. So in general, it’s okay, but plenty of room for improvement.

  • Tony A (verified owner)

    Solid and well built. Great fit. Installed in 15 minutes with no issues and looks good on the Monkey, just what I was looking for. Well worth the money.

  • daniel.chavez (verified owner)

    It looks great, and fit perfectly. Feels very sturdy. I use mine to lift the back end of the Monkey to move it around in the garage. If I could go back and do it again, I would definitely buy it.

  • David Lopez

    It’s been about a year now and I’m still very happy with this. To me the design is the best choice out there and it’s tough. I zip tied a wire cutlery basket to keep my lunch box and cargo from moving around during my daily work commute.

  • Gabriel Pascual (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Fits great and LOOKS even better on the monkey!!

  • Tim Clarke (verified owner)

    Good finish, welds look nice. All needed hardware included. I just had to flex it a bit to slip it onto the shock mounts. If you don’t have a helper, it’s a good idea to put a towel over the fender to avoid scratches during install. This thing is strong enough to lift the back end of the bike if you need to.

  • Peter (verified owner)

    Arrived in good time but it took me about 6m to attempt putting it on. I live in New Zealand & wasn’t in any hurry ;). When I finally got around to trying, the holes in the bars, which attach under the seat, did not line up. However with a bit of twisting of those under seat bars & grinding out a bit more of the C shape bar ends, that fit on the shocks, it now fits perfectly. On the plus side, whilst the sticker weight says 5kg, I need it to hold 20kg so I can carry my dog box & dog. Once the carrier was on, my 70kg nephew (who is a welder) claims it is built strong enough to easily carry 20kg & sat on the carrier to prove it. It didn’t flex or budge at all so I have no doubt it will carry 20kg just fine.

  • Thomas Larsen (verified owner)

    I got the box with the rack 15 min ago with UPS. I looks really good. Feels like amazing quality. About MNNTHBX. Damn guys. From the US to Denmark in less then a week. That is super fast! It’s not my last time buying from you guys.

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