Heavy Duty Clutch and Springs Kit - Kawasaki Z125 (Pre Order)

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About Heavy Duty Clutch and Springs Kit - Kawasaki Z125 (Pre Order)
Heavy Duty clutch for the Kawasaki Z125 includes clutch plates, disks and HD springs.

7 reviews for Heavy Duty Clutch and Springs Kit – Kawasaki Z125 (Pre Order)

  • AL (verified owner)

    Big improvement! You can really feel it grab. Clutch lever takes a lot more effort to pull because of the HD springs, but you will get used to it and so worth the updgrade. Really easy to install too.

  • Mike

    Major improvement over stock. Chose to do this along with the lightened primary and am really happy I did. There is definitely an adjustment period but you’ll be so happy you did it.

  • Mercedes (verified owner)

    Definitely has more grab. Lever became a little harder to pull at first, but after a short adjustment period it feels fine. Glad I did the upgrade

  • Louis Journett III (verified owner)

    Really great clutch kit. So much more grab over stock. Lever is slightly harder to pull so you definitely know you getting more of a bite of clutch and power. Bike really moves in and out of the way a lot easier.

  • Jason Walsh (verified owner)

    Changed everything for me. Pops! Exactly what you need to move quickly in traffic.

  • Papa wheelie (verified owner)

    Rode stock for 6 months got real good at 2nd gear sit downs ordered the HD springs and clutches with gasket love the clutch pull now and I’m chirping the tire on 2nd gear wheelies now 3rd gear sit downs is a thing now! Amazing! Took me 45mins and it was a major improvement!!! Would be nice if it came with some sort of instructions as far as clutch orientation and what to expect but overall I’d recommend this to anyone who’s trying to stunt. Wish it came with stickers or something cool!

  • T.J. M (verified owner)

    Night and day difference on pop! I love the upgrade. Put all 6 springs in and lever is definitely noticeable stiffer to pull, but manageable! A perfect upgrade for wheelies! Be ready with that back brake tho, comes up way easier!

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