Hammerhead Billet CNC Shift lever for Honda Grom

About Hammerhead Billet CNC Shift lever for Honda Grom
  • Hammer Head CNC Shifter for Honda Grom
  • Precision machined from 6061 billet aluminum
  • Anodized and UV coated for long lasting color
  • Lightweight & more durable than OEM shifters
  • Shift Tip™ is ergonomically engineered for proper fitment to any size boot
  • Includes lever arm with specified Shift Tip™ pre-attached and ready for installation
  • INSTALLATION TIPS: Torque bolt to the OEM specification. Always use grease on the pinch bolt to achieve an accurate torque reading. Avoid using thread locker. After riding for first fifteen minutes, check the tightness of the pinch bolt. It could loosen and damage the spline. Motorcycles vibrate, regularly re-check torque to prevent shift lever from "rattling" off.
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7 reviews for Hammerhead Billet CNC Shift lever for Honda Grom

  • bjp714 (verified owner)

    Bought this for my 2018 SSR Razkull. It’s a solid shifter!

  • Julio fernandez (verified owner)

    Great product, night and day vs stock shifter. Beefy and feels great when shifting!

  • Colin (verified owner)

    Makes shifting much more enjoyable, it’s a lot more sturdy and there is zero play in anything. Great product

  • Scott (verified owner)

    This is a great shifter. Very solid and well thought out.

  • Rikkie (verified owner)

    So much better than the wonky OEM link system. Could have been a little shorter so less forth and back movement of the foot is necessary.

  • Craig Gindele (verified owner)

    Mine fell off after the first ride. Replaced the pinch bolt….very solid now.

    • Kevin Estep

      A little LocTite goes a longway….

  • Rob (verified owner)

    Great shifter. This beefy shift lever improved shift performance over my TBparts shifter, however the length is better on the TB. The TB was much better than stock. Let’s all agree the stock setup shifts like a yard sale bike. Be forewarned that Hammerhead shift tips are not interchangeable with this lever. I purchased a +10mm tip. I did some machining to modify the tip to fit. Now it’s perfect. (+5mm would have also better slightly better) Finding neutral is easier also, but still deliberate. No accidental neutrals. Next, I installed a Chimera shift brace and with that combo, the bike actually shifts like a motorcycle.

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