G2 Quick Turn Throttle for Kawasaki Z125

About G2 Quick Turn Throttle for Kawasaki Z125
G2 Quick Turn Throttle for Kawasaki Z125 A quality, USA machined product that fits right up with your stock throttle housing and cables. Far quicker opening, silky smooth delrin bushings, and a removable end cap. No better throttle exists. Machined from 6061 aluminum in the USA.  

9 reviews for G2 Quick Turn Throttle for Kawasaki Z125

  • Justin Markwalter (verified owner)

    Great response and feel, amazing for the track.

  • Andy Madson (verified owner)

    Fantastic product, I run these on everything I have. The z125 pro pretty much requires wot at all times and I broke a couple of stock plastic ones in the first 1k miles. This is sturdy and takes care of the slop. Buy it

  • Richard M (verified owner)

    Quality throttle & a must upgrade. Have a G2 on my Ducati Monster, love them!

  • John Wiseman (verified owner)

    Great addition to my Z125. I have carpal tunnel syndrome in my right wrist and this and Domino grips eliminated all issues while riding this bike. Much better overall feel and quality over the stock piece.

  • Matt Torgerson (verified owner)

    The throttle tube arrived in two days. It’s perfect. The quick turn throttle is a must have for the Z125. What distinguishes this one from plastic ones is the fluid movement and solid feel. It’s a higher quality and more substantive option that is worth the higher cost. It’s well justified.

  • charles freeman (verified owner)

    I love this thing, gets rid of the throw on the stock throttle and ridiculously easy to install.

  • R. Poole (verified owner)

    An absolute MUST! I’m learning on this bike (z125) and the stock throttle made me pretty uncomfortable. Stock had me readjusting my hand position all the time and felt a bit off. Then right off the bat the difference was there after installing. It’s made a pretty big difference in starting on an incline and general responsiveness.

  • JP (verified owner)

    Does not fit my 2018 Kawizaki Z125:
    – causes the throttle to stick from this part rubbing against the inside of the right switch housing.
    – extends far beyond the bar

    I’m sure this is a good part, but it does not fit the z125 as suggested in mnthbx’s search.

    • kevin estep

      Call or email for help, as you’re doing something wrong. We sell and use hundreds of these on the Z with great results….

  • coderhead (verified owner)

    This is essential on a Z125 since the factory throttle is wrist-breaking. This throttle allows you to go to wide open without an unnatural arm position for riding. It’s also very responsive for small throttle adjustments throughout the range.

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