Honda Ruckus Fork Upgrade Set by MNNTHBX

About Honda Ruckus Fork Upgrade Set by MNNTHBX
Honda Ruckus Fork Upgrade Set by MNNTHBX Add style and performance to your stock Honda Ruckus fork with this drop in spring set. 50% stiffer so it actually functions, and 3/4" shorter for a touch of stance. Included top-out springs eliminate the need for homemade spacers or sloppy fork action. No modification to fork required.
Honda Ruckus fork spring kit install

13 reviews for Honda Ruckus Fork Upgrade Set by MNNTHBX

  • Greasetank (verified owner)

    Exactly what I needed to support my heavy body. Installation was easy. Cheaper than buying full forks!

  • HamBone (verified owner)

    I installed these and noticed a big difference and for a good price. Definitely a good purchase being a heavy rider

  • David Jobb

    Works like a champ! No more bottoming out and easy to install. Just watch the MNNTHBX video on YouTube and you will be a pro. Highly recommend if you don’t want to pay high dollar for front forks. . Good stuff

  • Jake (verified owner)

    Single best upgrade I have done to my ruck yet. Much better high speed handling with a 200lb rider

  • Bryan (verified owner)

    This is literally the best upgrade you can make to a stock Ruckus. Get whatever rear shock you want and then do this and it is night and day difference on how it handles.
    Really cannot recommend this enough!

  • MCardona (verified owner)

    Best bang for your buck, i didnt care for front suspension and the price you pay just for few inches lower and when i saw these i said hey for the price not bad to just test it out and now i am in love, nice aggressive stance with or without front fender . And stiffness and smooth ride you can appreciate!!! I give this 2 thumbs and 2 big toes up!!

  • Caleb Gould

    Still bottoms out with me just sitting on it and I weigh 185 lbs. Seems no different than stock besides the 3/4 inch lower.

    • kevin estep

      If that’s the case, something is installed wrong. At 185, they shouldn’t come close to bottoming out when riding, much less sitting….

  • Scott (verified owner)

    Love these springs!
    Installed on a used 2016 that I purchased. They work perfectly with the aftermarket rear shock. Better comfort, and much better handling.
    I am 6’5” and #220.
    Purchasing another set for the ‘15 I purchased for my gal.

  • Patrick Atwood

    Unsure if something has changed in newer models (I’ve got a 22), but I’m still resting on the Bump stops at 230lbs after installing this kit. It was installed correctly, followed the video exactly. Video mentions there only being one bump stop, I had them in each fork. Also no explanation anywhere as to why the top out springs have one that is shorter than the other in this kit.
    All in all, feels like money wasted and should have just looked to aftermarket forks.

    • kevin estep

      Shoot us an email for help, but a few things stand out as odd…. The top out springs are identical in length, which makes me wonder if you didn’t use one of our’s, and one of the OEM springs. NO Ruckus has bumpstops in both fork legs. If you do, it’s either because a prior owner did something weird, or you got an anomaly from Honda by mistake. In either case, remove one bumpstop. That’s is more than likely the reason you’re getting the feeling of bottoming out….

  • Kevin Estep


  • James Gove (verified owner)

    This should have been my first upgrade. The Ruckus rides much more appropriately for my size and weight (6’2″ ~185 lbs).

    Note: Other reviews have mentioned their stock Ruckus shocks had a shock bumper in both struts and mine did as well. I contacted MNNTHBX and they said to ride with whichever way works for me; one, or both. I chose to keep both stock bumpers in each strut instead of one like the MNNTHBX video box states. I tried it both ways and for me 2 felt better.

  • Mike Cotton (verified owner)

    Just what the bike needs ride is awesome I’m a bigger rider and they work to smooth out the ride

  • Adam Grace (verified owner)

    2024- double bump stops from factory. Install was easy and super quick. On stock front springs (260lb rider) I was on the bump stops sitting still. With the new springs they only drop a few mm. Now on to the rear shock!

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