Dynojet Autotune for the Power Commander

About Dynojet Autotune for the Power Commander
Skip the math and let the AutoTune Module upgrade for the Power Commander V deliver the kind of performance you can brag about. No matter what modifications you’ve made or the elevation you ride in, the AutoTune Module is the accessory that brings it all together. Once installed, the AutoTune kit monitors the air/fuel ratio. It then sends this information to the Power Commander V and automatically corrects it as you ride, letting you feel the changes as they happen. Each map that we offer has preset air/ fuel ratio target values included that we find to be the best overall settings. This lets you simply plug in the unit and let it do the work. The AutoTune is not a stand alone unit, must be used with the Power Commander V.
  • Tunes your bike in real-time as you ride
  • Tunes each cylinder independently
  • User adjustable target air/fuel ratio with different targets per gear if desired
  • Kit includes module, a single Bosch wideband O2 sensor and connection harness
  • Compatible with any Power Commander V
TR218496 PU1020-0923    


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