DynaTek Digital Ignition for Honda Ruckus

About DynaTek Digital Ignition for Honda Ruckus
Gain 3-4 mph, and maintain a safe rev limit. +1000rpm, +4 degrees of ignition timing. Made in the USA. Simple Install. It's without question our favorite ignition option, as it's an instant speed increase, yet retains rev limiting capability, ensuring safe engine operation and eliminating valve float when using OEM Honda Ruckus valves.

2 reviews for DynaTek Digital Ignition for Honda Ruckus

  • Julio Reyes (verified owner)

    The dynatech CDI works great. I decided on this item because of the increased timing with the benefit of the rev limiter. Designed in California but assembled in China. Haha just like the iPhone.

  • Andrew (verified owner)

    Works just as described, definitely one of the best CDI’s out there for the Ruckus and you get to keep the rev limiter, which was what I needed.

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