Driven Racing Forged Shifter for Honda Monkey

About Driven Racing Forged Shifter for Honda Monkey
Driven Racing Folding shift lever for Honda Monkey
Replace that heavy OEM shift lever with a Driven Shift Lever: light weight, durable, folding tip.
  • A super strong spring in the tip insures fast spring back when the shifter touches the ground.
  • Available in anodized Black Tip

3 reviews for Driven Racing Forged Shifter for Honda Monkey

  • Elliott Norton (verified owner)

    Great shifter. Nice overall build quality. I did end up using the OE pinch bolt instead of the supplied as the supplied one looked pretty cheap. Overall, good value for money, happy with purchase.

  • Pete (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic. Makes a world of difference once you remove the stock shifter and linkage. Instead of sloppy it feels crisp like a toggle switch. Love this shifter! super well made.

  • Seth (verified owner)

    Way better than the sloppy very weird link setup. I did the same as Elliott above and used the Honda bolt. I finally got tired of trying and failing to find neutral while heading to a stop.

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