DORF Honda Ruckus Seat Frame by MNNTHBX (The Original)

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About DORF Honda Ruckus Seat Frame by MNNTHBX (The Original)
  The Original DORF  by MNNTHBX Honda Ruckus Seat Frame Any color other than Gloss Black, Matte Black & Natual Alum color will take about 2 weeks to ship out due to getting powder coated. The DORF is the lowest, longest, bolt on seat frame for the Honda Ruckus on the market. Now updated to stay ahead of the imposters. 50% weight reduction! Ergos are vastly improved, and it gets you out of the wind for squeezing out that last few MPH. Don't compare this original to the fakes. All CNC billet aluminum construction. Available in several colors to perfectly match the OEM frames as well as raw for custom application. Includes hard anodized billet washers, all stainless hardware, and simple instructions. This product has been knocked off too many times to count, though we're proud to say the original remains unmatched. Only available at MNNTHBX & MADE IN THE USA !   **CLICK THE LINK TO DOWNLOAD THE INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS** Dorf instructions    

7 reviews for DORF Honda Ruckus Seat Frame by MNNTHBX (The Original)

  • atnt1996 (verified owner)

    I am new to the Ruckus world and just bought a like new red Ruckus. My first task was to lower the seat. The quality on this DORF frame is excellent and the red paint is a PERFECT match to the oem frame. Installation was easy and it looks GREAT! Well worth the money.

  • Wayne Lohr (verified owner)

    Paint is a perfect match. Fit is perfect. Way more legroom. Great product!!

  • Wide open throttle (verified owner)

    Awesome seat frame. Fit and finish is phenomenal. Glad I bought from the original designer!

  • Jon (verified owner)

    Man, this looks looks amazing! Changes the whole ride of the bike completely. You are sitting in the bike instead of on it. The install was fairly easy. Just take your time. I added a couple extra nail drivers to the gap in the back frame mount . Also make sure to start small for drilling and work your way up.

  • Thomas Stone

    This seat is absolutely the best on the market. It’s been my favorite upgrade I’ve done on my Ruckus so far. Really makes you feel more connected to the machine. Low enough to get more of your body behind the battery box and the reduced wind resistance is noticeable(a great thing I didn’t anticipate before installing the seat). I would highly recommend this frame to every Ruckus owner- they should come with these stock on the scooter in my opinion, but that just tells you the craftsmanship that went into integrating this product into the existing ruckus design so seamlessly. Everything down to the color matching for the paint is just flawless. Couldn’t be happier with it.

  • Robert White

    Excellent accessory-great craftsmanship, great fit-easy install-changes the entire feel and look of the bike.

  • Ryan George

    I think it looks great. Do they come in all colors? Because I just bought a 2023 black one.

    • Kevin Estep

      They do.

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