38MM DNA Oval w/ Leather Top Filter

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About 38MM DNA Oval w/ Leather Top Filter

38MM DNA Oval w/ Leather Top Filter

Perfect Fitment on the MNNTHBX intake bracket.


  • Special Leather Top with synthetic leather on the top side of each filter, heat embossed with our minimal D logo.
  • 8 different colors to match your seat, jacket, boots or your mentality maybe?
  • As always with our extremely high filtering efficiency ( 2 ) at 98-99% complying with the ISO 5011 standards using our special 4 layers of DNA cotton.
  • Perfect fitting for + - 1mm of the named diameter of the filter. Covering more than 95% of the throttle bodies available in the market!
  • Rust free! All our clamps are made from marine grade stainless steel and also our wire-mesh is marine grade aluminum epoxy coated.
  • Each filter is handcrafted and produced with passion in the details in our new production line for medium batches of air filters. Not a massive production line with no attention on the details.
  • This DNA filter is designed as a High Flow Air Filter for: road & racing use.


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