DHM S1 Camshaft for 2022+ Honda Grom or Monkey

About DHM S1 Camshaft for 2022+ Honda Grom or Monkey
DHM S1 Camshaft for 2022+ Honda Monkey / Honda Grom After testing multiple different variations of cams for the 2022 Grom, we've settled on this setup for stock bore and big bore bikes. We have maximized the lift using the stock valves and combined that with a very rideable duration that produces gains at every RPM in the rev range. DHM S1 Camshaft
  • Highest possible lift with stock valves
  • Gains across the entire rev range
  • About 2HP over a bike with only intake/exhaust
  • Direct drop-in installation
  • Set valve clearance to .005” / .005”

4 reviews for DHM S1 Camshaft for 2022+ Honda Grom or Monkey

  • Sean Boyd


  • Jim Brandt (verified owner)

    I put my new cam in and what a big difference after having the MNNTBX intake, 13 tooth counter shaft gear and the Super Trapp pipe really does the trick. DHM Re-Flash was a must and now it really pulls my top end speed! I wish there was a way to loosen the cam chain on a 2022 Monkey because it was real tight putting the cam gear back on so be aware of this! HANG ON FOR A WILD RIDE

  • Jason Luban (verified owner)

    Fairly easy to install. Slight improvements pre tune. Waiting on my ECU now to really see how improved it is.

  • Ted (verified owner)

    This cam is another world class part from DHM. The power it added to my bike is unbelievable and installation is a breeze. This is the cam that should come in the grom from the factory. It’s incredible.

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