DHM Performance ECU Flash Service for the 2022+ Honda Grom / Monkey

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About DHM Performance ECU Flash Service for the 2022+ Honda Grom / Monkey
NOTE: You must mail your ECU in for this FLASH SERVICE.
After months of development, we're now offering ECU flash service for the 2022+ Honda Grom and Monkey!
The 2022+ engine doesn't run as lean in the lower RPM as the previous generation, but still runs lean at higher RPM once an intake and exhaust are added. Honda was also very conservative when mapping the new bike, and has left a bit of power and throttle response on the table. As seen in the dyno graphs, it's been able to pick up quite a bit of mid range power and also smoothened out the awkward power hiccups that the stock mapping had.
The DHM ECU Flash modifies the following:
  • Fuel mapping - Remap the entire fuel table to help your bike run safer while also making more power than the factory mapping. Maintain factory fuel economy at part throttle while also making sure the bike runs safely and effectively under load. Fuel mapping is essential to keeping engine temps down.
  • Ignition timing - Modify all spark angle maps to increase throttle response and power while keeping temps down. This can also help with fuel economy at part throttle, while allowing gains across the board when under load. Also altered the timing to eliminate the factory power dip around the 5,000rpm mark.
  • SOI - Injection timing is modified to make sure that fuel is delivered at the most precise moment to increase efficiency and power.
  • EOT Tables - Alter engine operating temperature tables to make sure the ECU compensates for high engine temps. This failsafe helps prevent engine damage when extreme temperatures occur.
  • Optional - Tip sensor delete and Cold start delete.
There are maps for nearly every combination of intake, exhaust, and cam, and are currently updating our library daily. If you don't see your mods listed, feel free to inquire, we may just have a setup for you.
How to order: You can mail your ECU and it will get flashed and get it back in the mail. Emailed shipping instructions will be sent after purchase.  

4 reviews for DHM Performance ECU Flash Service for the 2022+ Honda Grom / Monkey

  • Jason (verified owner)

    This ECU flash really made the most of my intake, exhaust, and cam. Today I hit 70mph on level ground in a full tuck with a 14t front sprocket! Very satisfied now that everything’s dialed in.

  • Ted (verified owner)

    These guys really knocked this out of the park. My bike has more power across the board and installing it is one of the easiest things I’ve ever done.

  • Michael Broussard (verified owner)

    orered parts took my card information and never got tracking number and no one will answer the phone when calling.

    • kevin estep

      Michael, this order actually shipped the same day you placed the order, and tracking info was automatically sent to you by USPS. Sounds like it may have found your junk mail. Looking at the tracking, it shows delivery was attempted, but your business was closed, and is scheduled for another attempt. Sorry we missed the calls, but we’re only here during business hours. Please email or call if you need further help.

  • Chris Haver (verified owner)

    Just installed my ECU along with their (DHM) cam, man in the box intake, and Yoshimura full exhaust, what a difference! Highly recommended!

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