DHM ECU Flash for the Honda Monkey 2019-2021

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About DHM ECU Flash for the Honda Monkey 2019-2021
**Mail-in ECU to DHM. Turnaround time is only 1-2 business days! ONLY AVAILABLE FOR THE US MODELS DHM is here to offer you the original flash tuning solution for the Honda Grom / Monkey! The STAGE 1 software cleans up the air/fuel ratio and optimizes ignition timing on bikes with intake and exhaust modifications. The STAGE 2 is for bikes with aftermarket exhaust, intake kit & performance camshaft. The STAGE 3 is for bikes with big bore kits/high compression piston, aftermarket exhaust, intake kit & performance camshaft. Looking at the dyno graph, you'll see the blue and green lines that are the graphs for the stock, unmodified ECU. It runs extremely lean up top and therefore only makes around 6-7HP at 9200rpm. By controlling the air/fuel ratio we're able to extract up to 3HP more in the higher RPMs. The peak number is only about 1hp but in a race on the street the tuned bike will continue to pull gear after gear because it does not lose power after 7,000rpm. The ECU flash not only increases horsepower, but it also makes the engine run safer now that it has adequate fueling. ***This is the best alternative to a fuel controller, especially at the price point. You no longer need to spend hundreds of dollars on a tuner if you only have simple bolt-ons on your bike. If your bike is running a modified intake and exhaust this is your ticket to a smooth running bike with OEM like ride-ability. Since we retain the stock ECU, the bike will start, run and idle like normal, but will produce more and safer power throughout the rev range. Benefits:
  • Up to a 3HP gain at high rpm compared to an untuned ECU!
  • Raised rev limit of 10,000rpm (compared to 9250rpm stock) higher limits available upon request
  • Corrected air/fuel ratio
  • Additional ignition timing advance for improved throttle response and power
  • Revised fuel injection timing for better atomization
  • Higher top speed
  • Better mid range and torque
  • Optional tip-sensor delete
  • Optional cold-start high idle delete
  • Optional closed loop delete (will allow your piggyback to make changes to the closed loop portion of the map)
How to order: You can mail DHM your ECU and we they will flash it and get it back in the mail by the following business day (1-2 day turnaround time). Emailed shipping instructions will be sent after purchase. Send your purchase receipt with your ECU to DHM to confirm the tune requested.  

3 reviews for DHM ECU Flash for the Honda Monkey 2019-2021

  • Luke (verified owner)

    What an awesome service!!! Took me about 30 seconds to get the stock ECU out and about $9 to ship it off of via FedEx ground. These guys got it within a week and had it coming back to me within the business day… Unbelievable how fast they are with this. Speaking of unbelievably fast, my Honda monkey is insane now. Granted you have to know where to set your barriers because you’re dealing with the 125cc bike but this ECU flash paired with the cam and a minor stock intake mod where I just removed the snorkel and widened the air intake… Completely changed this monkey. Couldn’t recommend this service enough

  • Tommy Sanders (verified owner)

    Very simple install and fast delivery
    It really hrlped change the machine completely

  • Dan Klette (verified owner)

    This is a great upgrade! Very noticeable improvement. It was a fast turnaround too! Thanks you guys.

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