DHM 149cc Big Bore Cylinder kit for 2022+ Honda Monkey

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About DHM 149cc Big Bore Cylinder kit for 2022+ Honda Monkey
After over a year of development, the big bore 149cc kit is ready to go!   Kit includes:
  • 55mm Forged Piston with RK Ring kit
  • 55mm Sleeved cylinder
  • Base and head gasket set
  • NGK Spark plug
This kit provides a significant horsepower and torque increase across the entire rev range. Expect gains of 30% in the midrange over a bike with intake, exhaust and cam, and double the horsepower of a stock bike at 8500rpm. We recommend running it with our S1 camshaft along with an aRacer MiniX and AF2 combo for tuning. ECU reflash available. Install Notes:
  • Two base gaskets included. Use both copper and paper gaskets for pump fuel, use only the copper gasket if you are running race fuel.
  • An NGK CR9E spark plug must be used
  • Ring gaps must be set during install, we recommend .011" on the upper ring and .013" on the lower ring
  • 91 octane is the bare minimum, and 93 is preferred.
  • Set aRacer spark advance timing to -6 across the entire table when using pump fuel. Spark angle can be adjusted during dyno tuning.
  • Honda injector 16450-KZY-701 is the recommended injector for this kit.


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