DCR Cam for Benelli TNT 135

About DCR Cam for Benelli TNT 135
Power delivery from low, mid to top is improved radically on the Benelli TNT 135. Standard springs and valvetrain with stock rev limiter. Per DCR this cam with a Yoshimura exhaust will hit an indicated top speed of 78 MPH.

4 reviews for DCR Cam for Benelli TNT 135

  • TNT135 Rider

    Excellent camshaft, but I do recommend getting a professional tune. The Power Commander tune for this camshaft is weak; they claim 12.3 horsepower at the rear wheel. I got it dyno tuned by Third Coast Speed and (with the Yoshi exhaust and Chimera intake) it delivered 13.89 horsepower. That’s an increase over stock of almost 30%.

    • kevin estep

      You’re correct in that cams build power when tuned correctly.

  • Casey

    Whar year install this camshaft? My tnt135 is 2017..

    • kevin estep

      All years.

  • Isaac

    Very good quality product, fits tnt 125 aswell as 135 .. good service and delivery.. thanks MNNTHBX

  • Jim (verified owner)

    I installed this cam with an Aliexpress 150cc kit in my TNT135. I don’t have any dyno results but it absolutely has a lot more power, particularly from ~5000- 9000 rpm.
    The lift really isn’t much more than stock and the duration isn’t advertised so who knows. It Idles just like stock. I don’t have an aftermarket ecu or a reflash. Stock exhaust and stock air intake in place. No issues.

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