Custom LED Turnsignal Flasher for Honda Navi 110

About Custom LED Turnsignal Flasher for Honda Navi 110
This is the perfect plug and play solution for the Honda Navi 110 when adding LED front and or rear LED signals. For motorcycles with nonstandard two wire flasher relays (not on compatibility list), this flasher relay can still be used by removing the connector and hard-wiring it.  Even three wire flasher relays can be replaced if one of the wires is a ground wire. This unit is guaranteed to replace any two-wire flasher relay and operate at the normal DOT blink rate for motorcycles with stock blinkers, LED blinkers, or any combination of both, provided the total load on the system is within 0.05A to 10A (0.6 Watts to 120 Watts!) - which basically covers the majority of  blinker products on the market!

3 reviews for Custom LED Turnsignal Flasher for Honda Navi 110

  • Andrew Zavala (verified owner)

    perfect plug and play option (literally) combined with the resistors, to use LED signals in front, back, or both. Mixing standard lights and LED lights, no problems. works great.

  • Marc (verified owner)

    Perfect plug and play option for fixing the signal flashing. Will need to have indicator bulb unplugged or resistors .

  • Harry

    Plug+play with the Yoshi Micro LED rear signals and Yoshi front signals. The rear signals were hazard flashing after installation, but a diode kit resolved that issue. Big thanks to MNNTHBX!

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