MNNTHBX V3 Bottle Opener for 2022+ Honda Grom

About MNNTHBX V3 Bottle Opener for 2022+ Honda Grom
This MNNTHBX bottle opener is designed specifically for the new 2022+ Honda Grom. Powder coated stainless with an aluminum standoff ensures you stay hydrated. *MADE IN THE USA*

3 reviews for MNNTHBX V3 Bottle Opener for 2022+ Honda Grom

  • Nicholas (verified owner)

    Yeah this does not work at all. Cool idea but in order to open a bottle it has to be tipped pretty much upside down and then it just spills everywhere. Waste of my money.

    • Kevin Estep

      Sounds like you have it mounted backwards. If mounted as shown, the bottle will be upright. Easy fix. Flip it over.

  • Nick (verified owner)

    Update on previous review. Was not installed backwards. And it absolutely did not work. Once installed I bent the opener farther underneath the bike and it works like charm. Can’t even tell it’s there unless you are looking for it. So after all not an entire waste of money.

  • Jaycob Kelsey (verified owner)

    Contrary to the other reviewer, this works very well for me. Great addition for my motocamping setup, as I often forget a bottle opener for my beer. Plus I get tickled every time I pop a bottle open with my Grom.

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