ARACER RC Mini-X ECU Tuner - Benelli TNT 135

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About ARACER RC Mini-X ECU Tuner - Benelli TNT 135
This is a complete ECU kit that replaces your factory ECU.
You can also purchase the AF2 module in the drop-down menu so that AutoTune can be enabled.
RCMiniX Complete ECU

aRacer launches a new "more fun" ECU

ECU hardware features:

1. Using a brand-new 4-core MCU, the computing speed is increased by 200%

2. Built-in Wi-Fi and 360-degree antenna design (no additional wiring required), the connection signal strength is increased by 20%

3. Newly designed external wiring, basic adjustment does not need 1to5 expansion line, it can be directly connected to air-fuel ratio machine & fast exhaust module

ECU function features:

1. The newly designed APP "aRacer X Tune" is more powerful, but simpler and more user-friendly

2. Provide basic perfect adjustment functions, but customers can also choose to pay to upgrade new functions according to their needs

3. Each ECU has an exclusive ID. Users can pay by swiping the card online, using OTA to activate the on-demand function. For example: the basic function does not have a starting mode, and the starting function can be obtained through online payment and ECU network update

4. Use Wi-Fi to connect PC laptop or mobile phone, the connection is simple and fast

5. QB burning time is shortened by 200% (<60sec)

More powerful basic adjustment functions:

1. 20x17 (RPM x TPS%) fuel adjustment

2. 20x9 (RPM x TPS%) ignition angle adjustment (pay to open another 2 MAP)

3. 20x9 (RPMx TPS%) target air-fuel ratio setting (pay to open another 2 MAP)

More powerful AT automatic fuel adjustment function, more accurate & fast actual A/F data feedback through AF2

1. Correct the fuel value% & A/F value in time and record it in the 20x17 fuel map

2. The corrected result can be used as a base oil map

new features:

1. TCS tracktion function

-The original factory is not equipped with TCS, and it can be easily started in the rainy and slippery state after it is turned on

-The original factory is equipped with TCS, which can provide 3 stages adjustable

2. 3rd segment original narrowband O2 sensor fuel correction

3. Adjustable fuel injection timing

4. Response Button power response MAP adjustment  After the upgrade, open and hide the 3 target air-fuel & ignition angle diagrams

5. Guided idle speed setting

6. Guided quick discharge trigger pressure setting

7. New style Backfire/Idle loope control

8. New analysis tools



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