DNA Stage 3 Airbox Kit for Honda Monkey 125

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About DNA Stage 3 Airbox Kit for Honda Monkey 125
The DNA Stage 3 Air Box Kit for 2019-2021  Honda Monkey 125

The DNA Stage 3 Intake consists of a complete and revolutionary designed airbox including (2) Hex DNA filters. Available with Yellow,Red, Gray and Blue, Black and Aluminum Top filter options

  • This DNA Stage 3 Air Box Kit is plug & play with no modifications needed on the throttle body or frame. Intake hose is included in the kit with a specially designed ventury inside. Breather hose and temperature sensor can be bolted on the DNA air-box.

  • The flow of the DNA Stage 3 Air Box Kit is: +103.70% for the AK-H1N19-S3-MK2 more than the Honda stock air-box, at 685.80 LTR/MIN @ 10 mBar.

  • The filtering efficiency is extremely high at 98-99% filtering efficiency, with 4 layers of DNA® Cotton for maximum engine protection.


6 reviews for DNA Stage 3 Airbox Kit for Honda Monkey 125

  • Robert Catterson

    Looking ahead to when i pick up my red Monkey next month and the best options for performance. Is the dual better than the single? I really enjoy all the video’s about your products. Thanks!

    • kevin estep

      Shoot us an email and we’ll go into depth.

  • T. S. Steddum (verified owner)

    Great intake, well made and install is solid. Works better once a programmer is used on the ECU. Overall much better acceleration.!!

  • J. Brockett (verified owner)

    Super impressed with the DNA kit. Extremely high quality fit and finish and the install was a breeze. The intake noise isn’t crazy loud and it pairs really well with the Yoshi RS-3. Very happy all around and the symmetry of the dual intakes looks so bad ass.

  • Cody C (verified owner)

    Great fit. Looks great too.

  • Eric Salmonsen (verified owner)

    Looks incredible. Functions great. Worth every penny.

  • jeffrey

    Will this stage 3 air intake work with the 34mm koso throttle body?

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