DNA Stage 3 Airbox Kit for 2019-2021 Honda Monkey 125

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About DNA Stage 3 Airbox Kit for 2019-2021 Honda Monkey 125
The DNA Stage 3 Air Box Kit for 2019-2021 Honda Monkey 125

The DNA Stage 3 Intake consists of a complete and revolutionary designed airbox including (2) Hex DNA filters. Available with Black Rubber or Billet Aluminum Top filter options.

  • This DNA Stage 3 Air Box Kit is plug & play with no modifications needed on the throttle body or frame. Intake hose is included in the kit with a specially designed ventury inside. Breather hose and temperature sensor can be bolted on the DNA air-box.

  • The flow of the DNA Stage 3 Air Box Kit is: +103.70% for the AK-H1N19-S3-MK2 more than the Honda stock air-box, at 685.80 LTR/MIN @ 10 mBar.

  • The filtering efficiency is extremely high at 98-99% filtering efficiency, with 4 layers of DNA® Cotton for maximum engine protection.

    • The purchaser of any motorcycle part or parts releases MNNTHBX LLC from all liabilities pertaining to use of those products. The purchaser acknowledges that any modification of a Motorcycle Intake or exhaust system may render the motorcycle illegal for use on public roads and may violate state or Federal EPA statutes.

14 reviews for DNA Stage 3 Airbox Kit for 2019-2021 Honda Monkey 125

  • Robert Catterson

    Looking ahead to when i pick up my red Monkey next month and the best options for performance. Is the dual better than the single? I really enjoy all the video’s about your products. Thanks!

    • kevin estep

      Shoot us an email and we’ll go into depth.

  • T. S. Steddum (verified owner)

    Great intake, well made and install is solid. Works better once a programmer is used on the ECU. Overall much better acceleration.!!

  • J. Brockett (verified owner)

    Super impressed with the DNA kit. Extremely high quality fit and finish and the install was a breeze. The intake noise isn’t crazy loud and it pairs really well with the Yoshi RS-3. Very happy all around and the symmetry of the dual intakes looks so bad ass.

  • Cody C (verified owner)

    Great fit. Looks great too.

  • Eric Salmonsen (verified owner)

    Looks incredible. Functions great. Worth every penny.

  • jeffrey

    Will this stage 3 air intake work with the 34mm koso throttle body?

  • Daniel Drotleff (verified owner)

    On the stock monkey fitment is perfect, if you’re curious if it can be used with the Koso 34mm throttle body and manifold, you absolutely need the Koso 34mm connecting tube, it’s a direct fit. You’ll need one ring clamp from the DNA kit and the one that the 34mm connecting tube comes with. I did install at 35 degrees, didn’t need any tube flex to get it routed.

  • Brian Howard

    I’m looking at the single intake wit6h the new billett manifold – it is a true work of art. I wanted this dual intake because of how cool it looks however it doesn’t fit the 2022 5-speed model! Very sad now 🙁 . . . . anyway, this should be made clearer on the site as I wasn’t aware until I corresponded with the good people at MNNTHBX. Looking forward to Jan’22 when the pre orders arrive!

    • kevin estep

      Brian, it’s unfortunate in terms of design. The DNA product listing does state “Fits 2020-2021 Monkey” specifically.

  • Joe Kroeger (verified owner)

    I am SO HAPPY with this intake. I know that according to the performance numbers it isn’t drastically better than the original MNNTHBX intake but I am so happy these guys are providing this item. I love the symmetry of this intake and the look of the intake itself with the DNA logo visible on the intake housing. It was easy enough to install. I’m not a mechanic and had a little trouble getting the hoses and clamps lined up perfectly but got the whole project done, with my young boys as helpers, in under 2 hours. It could have been done in much less time if I wanted it to. Now that it’s on I am thrilled. The black box intake from the factory was the only part of the Monkey I didn’t love the look of. I have already installed the Takegawa exhaust and this upgrade has only enhanced the sound produced by the Monkey. It is deeper and I can hear it more while riding. Performance improvement is noticed, but I have not yet done the ECU flash and am excited to get it’s full potential once I do that. As always the guys at MNNTHBX were awesome to deal with before, during and after. Could not recommend a retailer more. Thanks guys!

  • David Chrystall

    Will this fit the 2022 Monkey?

    • kevin estep

      No. The 22+ version is in development now.

  • Jeff Morgan (verified owner)

    It definitely gives it more power but it’s loud as he’ll. I hate it. Reminds me of a bubble or popcorn machine noise. I bought the other intake thing and it is loud also. I’m gonna put the stock air box back on and throw these things in my white trash burn barrel. The 186 big bore kit is awesome. My fat ass can do wheelies now.

  • tom watson (verified owner)

    Looks fantastic – bad ass!!
    Not sure how much it improves performance as i installed other mods at the same time.

  • Marcus Olivera (verified owner)

    This intake is sweet, looks good and sounds good. I have this, exhaust and a DHM flash, prior I was hitting about 53 mph non tucked, now I can hold 60 mph non tucked. Overall top speed isn’t much more but you can tell the difference. I would recommend

  • Karen Meridith (verified owner)

    Great upgrade on performance. I am about to get the ECU flash also. I also have exhaust and front sprocket mod. Should I select stage 1 or 2 for the ECU?

    • kevin estep

      Doesn’t matter. After the order is placed, you’ll receive a form to list all of your performance products to ensure the tune is spot on.

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