2020+ Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 Fender Eliminator by MNNTHBX

About 2020+ Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 Fender Eliminator by MNNTHBX
The MNNTHBX Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 fender eliminator keeps the tail super clean, but also drops over 4.5lbs of unsprung weight from the bike. Utilizes OEM signals for easy plug and play installation, and requires no plate light due to abundant light bleed down from the factory tail light. CNC delrin pucks, powder coated stainless plates, hard anodized aluminum crossbar, and stainless hardware included. MADE IN THE USA
Loosen the 4 torx bolts under the tail and drop the factory signal mount.
Unscrew the plastic covers covering the plugs, and disconnect signals.
Remove plate mount arm hardware and chain guard (there's a hidden vertical 8mm nut up front)
Remove plastic cover from plate mount and disconnect plate light.
Remove plate light wire from bike (follow to find the plug under right of fuel tank).
Hand tighten OEM signals to MNNTHBX mount.
Placing the rear of our kit into the bike first, tighten the two FRONT M8 bolts.
Make sure the signal wires tuck inside and rearward of the delrin bases.
Loosen signals to gain access to the two rear M8 bolts, and tighten.
Tighten signals down.

9 reviews for 2020+ Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 Fender Eliminator by MNNTHBX

  • Aaron (verified owner)

    Cleanest kit you’ll find! The annoying part is having to add an adequate lighting solution to it. You absolutely can’t just have the brake light be the only light. It’s less visible in the spectrum, and just asking to get pulled over, at least in CA. I also made shims to angle the plate more. Still the best kit! Sucks in the side markers in for a much cleaner look. Well worth the money. The others make the side markers look more clunky, this one makes it to where I won’t even change the OEM ones now.

  • Derick (verified owner)

    Easy install, great quality product. Hope to see more husky parts available in the future.

  • Kris Silvestri (verified owner)

    If you’ve tried the rest…now settle for the best. This part is well worth it. Well engineered, great quality and really great customer support. They stand by their products! This thing has been machined with very close tolerances- she’ll fit for sure. Thanks MNNTHBX!

  • Brian Abdala (verified owner)

    I have been looking for this for a while! Its the cleanest and highest quality kit that I have encountered. Fits like its OEM and gets rid of that ugly license plate arm. Ill be getting the passenger peg delete so I can put my Akropovic exhaust back on!

  • mike.lyon (verified owner)

    Nice clean kit and relatively easy to install. Fit’s perfectly, but you’re still going to have to make some decisions with cable management.

  • peter.dunev

    I have 22 Svart 401, and the biggest problem I had was loosening one of the torq bolts. Once I did that, the rest was easy. I don’t have to worry about the plate light in Mexico -they have other things to worry about. It totally looks OEM. Great job MNNTHBXZ.

  • Justin Lewis (verified owner)

    Awesome fender elim kit! The cheapest and most efficient fender elim kit on the market for Vitpilen. This was a find, and worth every penny. Getting that weird plate holder off the bike lighted it up and got it looking sharp on the tail end, would recommend!

  • Dan Loder (verified owner)

    The best so far for fit and finish the only complaint is I had to rig an LED to illuminate my plate.

  • Michael (verified owner)

    Great kit! It looks better than anything else out there, too. It’s designed for the Vitpilen but I haven’t noticed any rubs or bites on my Svartpilen even though my suspension is on a softer setting and I’ve thoroughly tested the suspension range, at this point. Other Svartpilen owners may have a different experience, though, so be attentive. As far as install goes, there’s no issue with the kit itself but I recommend having an extraction tool ready after dealing with my 2023’s factory bolts smear like butter.

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