Our Mission: To expand and promote the small bore scene. As enthusiasts, we’ve been involved in every segment of motorcycle riding and racing, but the small bore niche is simply about fun, and we like fun. We’re driven by innovation, and will continually push to provide fresh, premium products and service. A boutique shop by design, we only manufacture and vend products we want to use ourselves. This format allows us avoid blanket sales pitches and truly stand behind everything we offer.

Our Process: We design first and foremost the provide the highest possible quality. While we make every effort to be price competitive, we will never sacrifice quality to compete with eBay import junk. The fact is the parts going in your package are on a level of their own. There’s pride in packing as well. Rest assured your purchase will arrive well protected and as quickly as possible. If you can buy it, it’s in stock, and will ship same day when possible. We take pride in offering great customer support long after the sale as well.

Our Team: We’re all enthusiasts and share the same vision. It’s a fun group with diverse skill sets, and probably the greatest asset of MNNTHBX, not counting the coffee maker.

Greg: Probably the guy you're talking to on the web or social media. Driven, but normally in a panic. Spends 25% of the day looking for his phone or keys.
Kevin: He's also digging in emails. This is one calm dude, and if you've made him mad, it's probably your fault... He's almost forgotten what a 4 stroke is, and that's cool.
Mark: Knows more about pretty much everything than he will ever admit. Patiently waits for the rest of us to pull our hair out, then swoops in to fix it like Batman, just a more strikingly handsome Batman, who likes scooters...
Grant: If your purchase was well packed, it's Grant. If Greg finds his phone, it's Grant. If somebody farted, it's not Grant.


  • All photography and text on this site are the sole property of MNNTHBX LLC. Any download or use without express written consent is prohibited.
  • The purchaser of any parts releases MNNTHBX LLC from all liabilities pertaining to use of those products. The purchaser acknowledges that any modification to any motorcycle may increase the risk of accident and/or injury and may also render the motorcycle illegal for use on public roads.
  • Any return must receive prior authorization and be accompanied by purchase history and full contact information. Product must be returned in uninstalled, as new condition (20% restocking fee applies). No returns accepted on sales or clearance items. Purchaser acknowledges they are buying original, innovative, products of the highest quality, designed and manufactured in the USA and thus forfeits further desire to utilize second tier, knock-off products other than for the sole intention of scrap metal collection (well, maybe that’s not real legal speak, but it should be…).