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May 20 2020


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June 20 2019

Knobby 12″ Tires

In the last year, we’ve seen the rise of the 12″ knobby. These tires obviously handle the rough stuff, but are shockingly good on road. Certainly not tires you’d want to do track days on,…

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August 9 2018

Tuners and maps…..

Just a bit of insight on our bike maps…. We get a lot of emails requesting maps, from people who purchased their tuners on eBay, Amazon, or from another vendor. Our maps are effective and…

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November 9 2017

Take 2 laps around the Herrin Compound w/ Aaron Colton on the MNNTHBX Z!

October 3 2017

Titanium Valves

8 months of development with some of the greatest engine designers in the country (think Nascar and Formula 1) lead us to the release of our new titanium Ruckus valves. Loaded with technology, these valve…

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September 20 2017

Here’s our dyno date from our track Z vs. our stock Z. The numbers are a bit low, as the hot motor has a total of 8 miles on it, but impressive none the less,…

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September 15 2017

Z125 Pro Track Weapon

Just through the MNNTHBX catalog at this track project build for Kawasaki, and what a ripper it is. Soon we’ll be gathering media and bringing content in its natural environment…

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June 21 2017
June 16 2017

Z125 Ohlins Fork Kits!

May 25 2017

Out now on Throttle Rockets!

New episodes up, and I have to say, this was a fun one…

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May 24 2017

Kymco Spade!

So impressed with their new release, and thankful we had the opportunity to modify VIN #1! Lots to like. 150cc, 4 valve, EFI, 5 speed. $2995. Kudos to our pals at Draft Agency for the…

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May 17 2017

We’ve got a new reality series!

Make sure to check out the new series, loaded with small bore tomfoolery…

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