After four great years, the Smoky Mountain Crawl has grown to a level that required some changes, so we thought we’d go BIG in 2019, and the Crawl became Barber Small Bore – Presented by MNNTHBX. We got a lot of kickback early on, but it became clear on June 7th, when enthusiasts willing to give it a shot arrived at Barber Motorsports Park, that we were on to greatness. The worst forecast imaginable held attendance to roughly 1000, Mother Nature treated us well given the circumstance. The greatest win was the lengths  to which we were able to highlight and support something for everyone. The mini GP track and racing were spectacular. Our offroad race, the Creek Bottom Classic went to an entirely new level. Stunters were provided a fantastic stunt lot, and rubbed elbows with Ian Gaines, Aaron Colton, and Jason Britton. Parade laps felt like far more than parade laps on the world famous Barber track. Honda hosted a Friday evening dinner. Kawasaki ran demo rides non-stop. Yoshimura’s drag strip brought out some super quick bikes. Almost every quality vendor in the country had displays. The museum, not surprising to us, simply had people’s jaws on the floor. Our Dodgeball Death Match raised nearly $10k for Children’s Hospital. None of this would have worked if not for you, the loyal enthusiasts willing to travel, and our great partners at Barber Motorsports Park. Thanks to you all. Know we’ve already got plans to reach new levels of excitement next year. See you soon! MNNTHBX

Barber Small Bore - Presented by MNNTHBX

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