TB Shock set with Adjustable Rebound for Honda Monkey 125

About TB Shock set with Adjustable Rebound for Honda Monkey 125
Our mid-level shock for the Honda Monkey 125. These shocks are a great improvement over the stock shocks.  They don’t bottom out as easily and you can adjust spring preload and rebound to dial in your riding experience. Whether on the road or trails, you will feel the improvement over stock shocks – not too stiff and not too soft. The adjustable rebound allows you to take the bounce out of the shock for more confidence as well. They are also another option to change the look of your Monkey. Shock Set Features:
  • Preload and Rebound Adjustment
  • Oil Damping
  • High quality surface finish
  • 10x20mm and 12x20mm mounting bushings included

4 reviews for TB Shock set with Adjustable Rebound for Honda Monkey 125

  • Chris Oconner

    These shocks are 100 times better that the stock shocks. Im 230lbs and have the Ohlins front cartridges paired with these make a very responsive setup. And if i say they are suspiciously similar to the Ohlins non cartridge shock offered for the Monkey.

  • Matt Smith (verified owner)

    Night and day difference over stock. I’m 250lbs and these make the bike feel like it should. Definitely would purchase again.

  • Howard Moore (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied with the improvement of the ride and stability of my Honda Monkey 125 after installing the TB adjustable shock. MNNTHBX and TB parts customer service addressed a minor question with the shocks without any delay. I would recommend these shocks and these suppliers,

  • Andrew Lane (verified owner)

    If you’re a full size adult and north of about 180lbs., you’ve noticed that the stock shocks in the Monkey are a bit soft. Uncertain cornering, loss of ground contact on modest bumps, kidney purée on washboard gravel.

    These shocks remedy those issues. Don’t let the price fool you, these are the real deal. And they actually adjust.

    These are really good upgrades to the stock shocks and save you enough money for other farkles and googahs.

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