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About SuperTrapp Honda Monkey Exhaust
SuperTrapp Honda Monkey Exhaust for 2019+ Honda Monkey fits all years. An exclusive MNNTHBX offering, the SuperTrapp Monkey exhaust offers a perfect period correct vibe. The tried and true tunable disc system, allowing you to controls volume and power, along with tuning options. Three stage stepped stainless header & aluminum muffler. Deep tone, and a bit quieter than most aftermarket exhaust systems. Incorporated 18mm bung for tuners.        
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15 reviews for SuperTrapp Honda Monkey Exhaust

  • rudi (verified owner)

    This product is absolutely cool, good quality, good model and the sound is also perfect

  • hotrod7287 (verified owner)

    Installation was pretty simple on this, took about 30 minutes total. The disc system is pretty interesting and unique. I went with the suggested amount of disc from the instructions and combined with the Mtake gained about 4-5 mph without tuning. I will say go through all the bolts and retighten if need be after a ride or two just to ensure that everything stays tight. Sound is also great and sounds even better in person than the video.

  • kennethodom70 (verified owner)

    Looks super sweet, sounds even sweeter, not too loud but just right. Perfect old school look.

  • Lee Davis (verified owner)

    The pipe was an easy install and it looks and sounds great!

  • Cody

    Love the sound of this exhaust. Easy to install. Looks great.

  • Rod (verified owner)

    Just got installed, no big whoop. Sound is perfect w/6 discs. Mid-range improved also. I recommend this.

  • Anthony Law (verified owner)

    Love this, sounds great and easy to fit, I’m running 6 discs as suggested, 9 was just a little on the loud side for me. Love the look of it, pretty unique as Supertrapp are, anmd just have to say MNNTHBX did an amazing job on shipping, from the USA to my door in UK in 4 days flat. Just got to fit my Intake kit now and my Monkey is finished ………yeah…..right, who am I kidding 🙂

  • srifenburg (verified owner)

    Fantastic exhaust! Very pleased with looks, performance and versatility. I also picked up the open end cap and a trim plate to match directly from SuperTrapp. Love how easy it is to change the throttle response and sound on a whim.

  • JohnReid (verified owner)

    Super easy install, came with really good instructions too. Took around 30 minutes to install. It looks great and sounds really good, not too loud but pretty beefy. Performance seemed improved too.

  • Steve Gattenby (verified owner)

    The install was really quick. The sounds really is awesome for a little Monkey! They hear you comin’ for sure. Not at all obnoxious. I’m running 6 discs and I love the sound. I also installed the MNNTHBX Intake and feel noticeable power improvement. Just make sure to clean the exhaust pipe and muffler with glass cleaner to get all oils off before getting it hot. Go Monkey Go!!

  • mid10josh

    Fantastic exhaust for the fantastic Monkey. Sounds completely different than other Monkey/Grom exhausts (in a good way). Go from mild to wild with just a few plates.

  • Jim Brandt (verified owner)

    If you want a bit of the old school look this is the pipe for you, it’s easy to install and I put in all the disc’s (which you can adjust)for the best sound and it really opens it up and let’s it breath better! The tone it gives you is the one you ONLY get from a Super Trapp. Just dare to be a little different it’s well worth it !

  • Samuel G Covelli (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the exhaust system from Supertrapp. The powerband is now more suited to the type of riding I do and it sounds great without being annoying.

  • Timothy B. McGinn (verified owner)

    Perfect sound for a small bore single. 6 Discs is the best. Not too loud or obnoxious. Easy installation. Great customer service from MNNTHBX!

  • Richard

    Hi I am getting a 23 model monkey. Will this exhaust do it any justice ?

    • kevin estep

      For sure…

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