Honda Ruckus SP Exhaust by MNNTHBX

About Honda Ruckus SP Exhaust by MNNTHBX
MNNTHBX SP exhaust for Honda Ruckus
The Street Pipe for the Honda Ruckus offers clean lines, great ground clearance, a deep tone, and maintains a volume that's more urban friendly. All stainless construction and hardware.
See linked installation instructions below.
MNNTHBX SP Ruckus Pipe

10 reviews for Honda Ruckus SP Exhaust by MNNTHBX

  • Robert (verified owner)

    All I can say is WOW! This exhaust sounds great has low tone and a much better look than stock. This with a new air filter and proper jetting boosted my GET another 5 MPH and gives me more confidence riding with traffic. Very impressed with MNNTHBX products.

  • Kevin (verified owner)

    After months of research, I finally pulled the trigger and picked up the SP. I couldn’t be happier. Looks and sounds great, instructions were dead simple and easy to follow, shipping was fast and easy. Thanks guys!

  • Brett (verified owner)

    Definitely one of the best looking exhausts you can buy for Ruckus or Met; made in the USA is a perk, too! Shipping was rapid and well protected.

    Build quality is nice; some of the welds were a little hot and rough, but overall solid. Instructions were pretty good, not that you need much help installing 4 bolts. The bracket on the back of the silencer is quite tight; my adjustable wrench would not fit to hold the locknut.

    Performance wise the exhaust definitely adds power – with a stock setup you run out of RPM real fast.

    The idle sound is awesome, but at full throttle I honestly find it a bit too loud. Regardless of what others think, the sound was resonating in my helmet and would probably be pretty uncomfortable for long distance riding. The silencer is welded together so there’s not much you can do!

    Still the best overall value I’ve seen for a GET exhaust. plus the MNNTHBX team was very responsive and helpful to email.

  • Nate (verified owner)

    Great fit and finish, well designed, and cheaper than nearly every other Ruckus exhaust system. This replaced a Two Bros system that kept breaking brackets, or coming apart on large bumps due to the lack of a tension spring. While a tad louder than the two bros throughout the range, the Mnnthbx system is also nearly double the I.D. through out and makes a great deal more power, especially in the mid-range. Love the “pop-pop-pop” on deceleration, if you’ve ever heard an SRT-4 Neon, damn near the same affect. You will not be disappointed

  • Spencer (verified owner)

    The sound is amazing. Nice, deep note. The exhaust is loud but not ear bleeding. People definitely notice you more on the road than normal. But, don’t let the sudden change startle you, they’re just surprised a scooter can sound like this. 10/10 would buy again.

    P.s. install was cake.

  • Jan Viitanen (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the build quality, the looks and with the sound of pipe. Just for comparison I have Hot Lap sidewinder on my fatty and I belive it’s a bit louder than the SP exhaust, even with the db killer inserted.

  • Daniel Johnson (verified owner)

    Nice exhaust. Make sure to pick up some exhaust sealer for the joint. Pretty loud under throttle, honestly wish it was a little more toned down. The benefit is that you do get some nice pops and flames out of the tip on overrun.

  • burr.neal

    Does it fit stock Honda Ruckus?

    • kevin estep


  • Nick Denton

    The SP exhaust sounds amazing and adds power to my ruckus. I didn’t even expect the extra power output or for it to sound as nice as it does. But if you are going to buy an exhaust this is the one for you its cheaper than most exhausts on the market and sound great I love the pops on the decel and love the sound just in general. Great exhaust for the price.

  • Kealey

    Exhaust sounds awesome, and not too loud. Would absolutely buy again

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