Renthal 7/8 bar Silver

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About Renthal 7/8 bar Silver
The Renthal RC High handlebar is our preferred bar for the Honda Grom or Kawasaki Z125. This is the 7/8 version of our premium fatbar, and fits directly into stock bar mounts.

2 reviews for Renthal 7/8 bar Silver

  • David Topczewski (verified owner)

    Easy fit with stock cables. 100% improvement over stock bars.

  • SamM (verified owner)

    These new lower Renthal handlebars work great on the KYMCO Spade 150i. They are lighter than the stock steel bars and provide a better riding position. The stock cables, wires and brake line do not to be pulled tight as with previous bars. Once again MNNTHBX hits a homerun with their parts selection process.

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