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Monimoto GPS Anti-Theft Tracker (PRE ORDER)

About Monimoto GPS Anti-Theft Tracker (PRE ORDER)
There is nothing that we hate more than a thief. Unfortunately a small bore bike is lightweight and easy to steal, so we are happy to sell a great option to help you with that problem.

A compact, stand-alone device, the Monimoto M7 LTE-M GPS Tracker is powered by two single use, long-life batteries that can be easily installed and switched from one bike to another, when needed. When movement is detected or the paired key fob isn't nearby, the device calls your phone in under a minute, providing GPS coordinates and previous locations in an event log. CellLocate® technology from U-blox allows the bike to be tracked when taken indoors or if there's no GPS available in the area, by using surrounding GSM towers.

  • GPS location updates every 5 minutes when the device is in motion or every minute if live tracking mode is selected
  • Automatically arms itself when you leave the bike and disarms when it detects the paired key fob, so no need to set a geofence or click any buttons
  • Everything can be controlled from mobile app on any iPhone® and Android® device
  • Adjust sensitivity, pay for GSM service, monitor battery level or contact Monimoto support all from within the app.
  • Includes releasable plastic zip ties for easy attachment to motorcycle frame or secure part
  • Doesn't affect the vehicles warranty
  • $49/year SIM card subscription First 2 months for FREE


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