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MNNTHBX Stache Shirt

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About MNNTHBX Stache Shirt
Like all of our shirts before, the MNNTHBX Stache Shirt is the highest quality try-blend garnet. Ever so slightly fitted, they will not shrink or bleed. Perfect for first dates, weddings, or just hanging out in the garage....

2 reviews for MNNTHBX Stache Shirt

  • Matthew Smith (verified owner)

    Had to get one to rep one of my favorite company’s!! Super comfortable shirt and matches my helmet and 22 Grom when I’m out riding.

  • brandon

    I can vouch for these shirts. I have thrown out all my other shirts, and ive also gotten rid of all my pants. These are all I wear, and its 100% true, the ladies keep coming at me from all angles. Guys, if you don’t want fly honeys chasing you down the street, this is not the shirt for you. Thanks dudes.

    • kevin estep

      It happens… Sorry for any inconvenience the women have caused you.

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