MNNTHBX Mtake (Intake kit) for the 2022+ Honda Monkey (Pre Order)

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About MNNTHBX Mtake (Intake kit) for the 2022+ Honda Monkey (Pre Order)
MNNTHBX Mtake (Intake kit) for the 2022+ Honda Monkey (Pre Order)   READ CAREFULLY: This is a pre-order for our new 2022+ Monkey Mtake. ETA is early January. These photos are of the final prototype, and are placeholders only. Slight refinements will be made on production pieces. Updated photos, info, and instructions will be up soon.   The new 5 speed Monkey engine is extremely tight on intake space, and nearly impossible to get more traditional intake designs out of. For this reason, we switched to a full 6061 billet aluminum design. It allowed us to design some smart performance features into the runner. The tool path step-over is large internally, for some flow straitening help. The inlet under the filter is tapered for smooth air transition. At the throttle body, our intake runner ramps to the OEM throttle body keyhole shape, smoothing flow and increasing velocity. For pre-orders, choose your filter style, available in our MNNTHBX black round filter, or up the style with the optional colored DNA filters (same performance either way). Choose the billet runner in either hard black or hard clear anodize. (the pictured prototype is unanodized raw aluminum. What are the drawbacks of this design? Cost is one. We've got this priced as low as is possible, but there's no escaping the fact that 3D milling on large pieces of billet runs the price up compared to our other intakes. It is what it is in that regard... Also, while it required no modification or special tools to install, it will require a friend and some patience. We had to use every last bit of space, so everything is a bit tedious to get to for the fat fingered set. Optional prefilters are available for those who plan to ride in extra wet or messy conditions... Scroll down to watch an install video.      
Outerwears Pre Filter

1 review for MNNTHBX Mtake (Intake kit) for the 2022+ Honda Monkey (Pre Order)

  • David c Anderson (verified owner)

    I know they did the best they could, with what they had to work with. Install is a bear, but again, no fault of the mnnthbx group. Took approx 60 min one person, 3 beers in. Got it all buttoned up, fired off, bike is definitely getting more air, even at idle. Had to retune the aracer, went for a ride. It makes more power up top, and pulls to about 8400rpms VS petering off at 7900 or so. Unsure if this is from the intake length. Plus it looks 100x better. Will update after the cam and piston this week.

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