MNNTHBX Kymco Spade Exhaust

About MNNTHBX Kymco Spade Exhaust
The perfect flavor for the Kymco Spade, the MNNTHBX exhaust builds power, and has a deep, aggressive tone. Drops 8lbs. off the stock exhaust! All stainless. Includes bung. NOTE: You can run this system on an otherwise stock bike, however our MNNTHBX exclusive Bazzaz tuners for the Spade make power across the rpm range, and are factory mapped utilizing this exhaust, producing a great sounding and performing turn-key kit.

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  • Forrest Forschmiedt (verified owner)

    The pipe is nicely made and fits well – if you follow the instructions and pay attention to what you’re doing. It takes a bit of time to install because you have to remove the footpeg assembly, centerstand and brake pedal to install the mount so allow yourself plenty of time to get it done. When all is said and done, it’s a nice clean setup and has a nice classic look. It also allows the removal of the passenger peg brackets, which the stock pipe mounts to. Beware though, that muffler is pretty small so it will be louder than stock!

  • David B

    Install took me under an hour and, like the man that I am, I didn’t read the instructions. It was all pretty easy but it does help if you have a second person to help because you’ll need to remove the center/sidestand bracket to make the process easy. Sound is AMAZING! It’s about on par with the loudness of most exhaust on the other brands of minibike, but the Spade has enough power that you can ride at lower RPMs and keep it quiet when you want to.

    P.S. You can shoot flames when you bang off the rev limiter in 1st gear. 😉

  • German Jimenez

    Great sound! I am very happy with the exhaust! It took me a while to install since this is my first motorcycle and I had to get fimiliar with it. It sounds so nice and also you can feel a difference with performance. It is super light compared to stock! I will be purchasing the bazzazz fuel injector soon.

  • talktome808 (verified owner)

    Pipe arrived quickly, really well packaged & protected. Fit and finish is good, install time was a couple of hours solo for me. I let the bike sit for 24 hours to let the high-temp RTV cure, and then took her for a shakedown test ride.

    First impression: This pipe is LOUD. I have a Harley with minimal baffling on the exhaust, and the Spade on wide open throttle is louder. A good habit to get into period, riding with hearing protection on longer rides is a must with this exhaust. All in all, a great sounding exhaust if you like LOUD pipes.

  • Gary Meredith (verified owner)

    This is a great addition to the Spade, you can cruise at lower RPMs and the bike is still ready to pick it back up. Install was petty straight forward (read the instructions). If you don’t plan on carrying a passenger, you can leave the passenger pegs off, also the center stand for substantial weight savings (didn’t weigh removed items). Even an old man can live with the extra noise.

  • Theodore

    I love it I hated the look of the stock muffler and no sound came out. But this bad boy is amazing can’t help punching it everywhere. People breaking their necks trying to stare

  • Sheila

    Love the sound and look of this exhaust. The stock pipe was just too quiet, not to mention hideously large. Thank you for offering this. Well done!

  • gda882002 (verified owner)

    Fit and finish is crasy good very nice design i painted my system black and really like the look .
    Took right around a hour to install in the lower rpm range its pretty mild but above 4000 rpms and she makes a nice sound that will make you smile ,,,well worth the wait

  • Jed Jularbal (verified owner)

    Great exhaust sounds great!! I had to hire someone to install as I wasn’t sure of myself removing the center stand. This exhaust looks great and compliments the bike perfectly

  • Christopher (verified owner)

    I love my MNNTHBX exhaust for my Spade! This is the first non Harley that I have ever owned and it concerned me that I couldn’t hear the I like for others to be able to hear me and this exhaust does just that. It looks and sounds a million times better than stock!

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