MNNTHBX Fender Eliminator Kawasaki Ninja 400/ Z 400

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About MNNTHBX Fender Eliminator Kawasaki Ninja 400/ Z 400
This is the cleanest, tightest fender eliminator available for Kawasaki's fantastic new Kawasaki Ninja 400/Z 400. Plug and play. No modification required. Made in the USA. Quality powder coat over stainless. Included all hardware. Optional:  micro plate light with stock connector included is super bright, makes an easier and clean installation.

2 reviews for MNNTHBX Fender Eliminator Kawasaki Ninja 400/ Z 400

  • michael kelly (verified owner)

    The fender eliminator is perfect. I wanted one that reused the stock blinkers and this one does that in a very clean way. I do wish I had a bought a different plate light that didn’t require drilling a hole though.

  • Dan L (verified owner)

    I got one for my Z125 pro so I would not have the license plate light mount. It makes the install a little cleaner. I also put one on my Ninja 400 so I could use the factory turn signals but have them mounted closer in to the plate. Only issue is the original tail mounting bolts for the Ninja 400 are not long enough to engage the nylon locking portion of the nuts provided with the fender eliminator. I have not installed the LED plate lights yet. Hate to drill the holes so I am using plate mounting post lights on both bikes.

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