MNNTHBX Fender Eliminator for Honda Grom 2017-2021

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About MNNTHBX Fender Eliminator for Honda Grom 2017-2021
MNNTHBX Fender Eliminator for 2017-2021 Honda Grom.The cleanest tail on the market period! Stainless construction. Integrated brake and signals. Integrated plate mount and plate light. Massive weight reduction vs. stock tail. Fantastic visibility. Note: This install requires you trim away some unseen factory material. This is a VERY easy and safe process. For those who prefer to avoid simple modification, we offer the Yosh/Blaster X combo.Optional Posi-tabs make an easier and clean installation, but aren't required. Optional Electronic Flasher is recommended to correct flash rate. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ABS EQUIPPED Honda Grom  
2017 Grom Fender Eliminator modifications required to install video.

9 reviews for MNNTHBX Fender Eliminator for Honda Grom 2017-2021

  • Scott Mitchell (verified owner)

    Best looking eliminator on the market hands down! Installation/cutting video was extremely helpful & a must watch on YouTube. The only thing that could have made this install better was video instructions on the rest of the installation process. UNFORTUNATELY I have to take this back off as I just ordered a Zeus Armor full stunt cage. They informed me that this kit is not compatible. I really hope that’s not the truth but we will see……

    • kevin estep

      Actually, it should work with any stunt cage….

  • Jeremy Borges (verified owner)

    I have the tst tail, its clean, looks great, and broke really quick stunting. I messaged mnnthbx back and forth for a while along with many other kit options. I have to say this one is the best option for me because I stunt. On any grom it looks great and its easily seen. On my grom it works awesome because it is stainless steel vs. Abs plastic from everywhere else. My 12bar mounts right up no issues, and scraping the ground it hasn’t broken or bent yet. Believe me I’ve tested this and the cage a lot learning new stuff and its held up. Also they assured me i can rebuy just the parts i break if I do break anything. This is really nice cause other places won’t do that. For the stunted and the guy who just wants the grom to look good, all I can say is you can’t go wrong with this kit. If I could attach pics to show how its held i would.

  • Papi Roisterous (verified owner)

    I ordered this Eliminator kit a few years ago for my 2015 Grom. It looked great and worked flawlessly. I then traded my 2015 Grom in for the 2018 Grom, and again ordered this kit. Once again i couldn’t have been happier. I had my local car/motorcycle shop install it for me, and then had it done within a few hours. The quality is great, it looks amazing, and has worked flawlessly for me for years now. I highly recommend this kit! Love it.

  • Dustin Keller

    Fits great. Looks amazing

  • Sean Whitelock

    After 4 years, the thin metal has broken right beside the tail light, So now it rattles, It’s super Annoying, But I love the look of it, Probly go with something else next time once the other side breaks off tho,

  • kevin estep

    Contact us for a replaciment.

  • Nathan Dudley (verified owner)

    No instruction were included. Kit is not plug & play

    • kevin estep

      There’s a detailed instructional video actually incorporated into the product page on our site.

  • Nicholas Gonzales (verified owner)

    Instructions would be super nice, the “detailed instruction video” is absolute crap, it shows you what to cut off, the rest is apparently up to you to figure out

    • kevin estep

      It’s about as straight forward as it gets. We’ve sold a couple thousand and haven’t had anyone struggle. That said, as with all of our products, we’re always available for support. Just reach out, and we’ll walk you through any questions you have…

  • Aaron Ross Stern

    Love this kit but as mines is a couple years old it’s definitely showing its age. It’s got chips in the paint and the led light is beginning to fog up and crack in places. I am going to try to contact the company to see what options I have as far as replacing the parts I need to make the kit look better again. I don’t hold it against mnnthbx for these issues these are things I would expect to happen after some years of riding with it on the bike.

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