DYNOJET Power Vision 3 Wide Band AFR module

About DYNOJET Power Vision 3 Wide Band AFR module

Dynojet Power vision 3 Wide Band AFR module for Honda Grom/Honda Monkey


  • Plugs into the vehicle's diagnostic port and seamlessly integrates AFR data from the included wideband O2 sensor(s) with the OEM databus
  • When used in conjunction with Power Vision CX, you can view and datalog wideband O2 data alongside custom channels directly from the vehicle's diagnostic port
  • Ensures real-time wideband )2 AFR accuracy with negligible latency and avoids any signal offset issues with its industry-first, innovative design
  • Plug-and-play kit with no extra cables for power, ground and signal that are typically associated with wideband controllers
NOTE: Must use Power Vision 3 tuner in conjunction with this product.


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