CJR ECU module with MNNTHBX map for 2017-2021 Honda Grom

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About CJR ECU module with MNNTHBX map for 2017-2021 Honda Grom
ECU for 2017 through 2021 Honda Grom Unlock the full potential of your Honda Grom with a CJR Performance ECU Flash! With CJR/MNNTHBX CUSTOM TUNED ECU. We have ECU's available flashed for our most common options and also offer an ECU with Auto tune function enabled, to cover any setup that you are currently running or may run later.This is our basic tune option for budget friendly performance. It includes a custom tune specific to your build. These tunes would fall in line with the average ECU flash needed for day to day use. - Revised Fuel Map - Revised Ignition Map - Custom RPM Limit with "Race Limiter" (Faster/Smoother RPM Limit) - This flash retains the stock learning trims for idle/partial throttle, with open loop (no autotune) wide open throttle - Revised Closed Loop areas

-- 2018 Grom % 2019 Monkey = 0-90% Closed Loop -- We revise the autotune areas to 0-60% throttle for all models, this dis-allows the closed loop to have an affect on the open loop portion of the map which causes the bike to lean out after learning miles for wide open throttle. - Optional Fast Idle Valve Delete - (For those that may not like the loud cold start in a quiet neighborhood, you can also unplug your gray sensor on the throttle body) - Optional Tip Sensor Delete (A lot of racers will delete the tip sensor to save weight along with some stunt riders relocating their sensor for a subcage) - Optional Learning System Disable (A fixed open loop map, for intake/exhaust bikes only. Great for stunt riders that would like to be able to raise their idle without having the it creep up while riding!) - Optional Decel Fuel-Cut (Less engine braking, smoother on/off throttle) - Optional Side Stand Delete (Often used for racers when deleting kick stand - Disable EVAP Canister Check Engine Light (For removal of the emissions canister) -- Altitude settings revised - For use with Larger Injector (These can be made custom as well) -- Setting 1 = 0% Change to OEM Fuel Map / Standard Setting -- Setting 2 = -15% Fuel Change to OEM Fuel Map -- Setting 3 = -30% Fuel Change to OEM Fuel Map -- Setting 4 = -45% Fuel Change to OEM Fuel Map ----Setting Adjustment Procedure - Revised Tip in Fuel Tables - Revised Tip in Ignition Tables - Revised Injector Timing - Revised Ignition Coil Dwell Time - Revised Oil + Air Temperature Settings - Custom Target Idle RPM (Add change in notes section - OEM 1400rpm +/- 100rpm) - Includes 1 yr warranty

CJR ECU with Autotune

This ECU Flash includes everything in the standard flash along with a 0-100% Throttle Autotune Enabled (Free tune updates/revisions, just cover shipping) - Self mapping 0-100% throttle to target fixed AFR - —— 14.0-14.5 idle AFR Target —— 13.5-13.9 cruising for better fuel economy —— 12.8-13.3 wide open for optimal performance ——— Big bore ECU flashes will target .3-.5 AFR Richer across all 3 areas to help with cooling and increased performance - We set the base fuel and ignition map custom to your build, so it is not a "generic" fuel map like some autotune ECU's use. This allows the ECU to make smaller adjustments to the fuel map, allowing the smoothest transition possible cell to cell and tip-in throttle - Plug in and ride, running intake and exhaust? Throw that camshaft or injector in and continue riding, let the ECU do the rest! - This flash does not require sending in your ECU for a tune update when changing basic modifications. —— With larger modifications like a big bore kit we do recommend a tune update for a revised less aggressive ignition table and richer target AFR


Plug and play, no reset necessary. Let the bike idle to operating temperature before taking it for the first few rides. This will allow for the O2 sensor to begin learning and making changes. 10-15 miles of average riding with targeting various throttle position and RPM ranges. For example, you would like to ride with your throttle position at 2%, 5%, 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% at each RPM range - 3,000rpm, 4,000rpm, 5,000rpm, etc up to 10,000rpm. Each TPS/RPM area generally takes a few seconds to adapt, however it can take up to 7-10 seconds held steady at an RPM/TPS area depending how drastic the fuel transition is. This will allow the entire fuel map to build and learn to your modifications.

NOTE - Every key off/on will reset the O2 sensor which can take 30 seconds to kick on again. Long term fuel trims stay in place meaning your fuel map does not restart, it saves those learned values.

During checkout, specify your mods so the proper flash can be applied to your sale. A Hindle exhaust vs a Yoshimura exhaust for example have drastically different fuel tables. So it is important we set you up on the tune that fits your build the best.


Option 1:  Intake,Exhaust (Based on quality components like the Yoshimura exhaust & MNNTHBX intake or similar)

Option 2: Intake, Exhaust, Cam base map with Auto Tune (Starting map based on quality components like the Yoshimura exhaust, MNNTHBX intake, & DCR cam or similar)  


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